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Mark "Cav", the most famous sprinter in cycling history, is without a doubt, irrefutably, and unconditionally the best of all time. Cavendish's palmares include 30 Tour de France stages victories, 15 stage and two team time trial victories at Milan-San Remo, the World Championships and the Giro d'Italia.

A part of it is due to his chosen specialisation, the brutal, balls-out sprint finish. It's partly because he is super-fast. You almost expect a sonic bang when you see Cavendish explode in action at the end of a race. He is able to transform potential energy into kinetic power unlike any other man.

You only need to watch the Tour de France 2010 final stage on YouTube to see how fast Cavendish is able go with a machine weighing seven kilograms and consisting of two carbon fibre wheels. The peloton is flying past Place de la Concorde in the final half-kilometres of the most prestigious sprint at Paris Champs Elysees. ThorHushovd, the giant Viking and agenetic cyclist,Rolex Submariner Replica is in front, pounding on his pedals to the last drop of energy. Alessandro Petacchi, a great Italian sprinter, is riding to his death behind him. He's taking advantage of Hushovd’s slipstream in order to pass him.

Cavendish then, on his own in the background as if he were in a completely different race, blasts by them both, asif they had been standing still. Cavendish is far from being a brutalist who generates watts. He has consistently shown racing intelligence that is second to none. He redefined the dynamics of the sprint race by creating the most intimidating sprint train in the history of the sport.

It must have been like hearing Genghis Khan and his Mongol raiders on the outskirts your village when you were in the peloton. It's both awesome and frightening.Glashutte Replica Watches It is truly glorious to watch the concussive, double-tap of George Hincapie & Mark Renshaw – the sport's best lead-out men who once head-butted a rival rider for being too aggressive. Watch the Tour de France final stage in 2009 or 2011 to see the sprint train.