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Yann Le Moenner : Richard said that Mark Cavendish was the athlete he'd most like to meet and possibly do something with. Richard and Mark had been corresponding for some time, but I was unaware that Mark was a watch enthusiast. It was an amazing moment when they met on the 2016 Tour. I remember that the first thing Richard said was to take off his wristwatch and give it to Mark saying, "This is for You." Mark started to tremble.

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica was crying and when I saw him at the starting line, the next morning, he said: "I cannot believe it." The watch brought him luck, and that day, Rolex GMT-Master II Replica won the stage. It was his 30th Tour de France Stage Victory and his fourth for the 2016 Tour. The picture shows him in his Dimension Data jersey crossing the finish line and making the sign for the four stages. You can clearly see the watch on his wrist.

Wei Koh : Mark, were you already a Rolex GMT-Master II Replica enthusiast?

Mark Cavendish, I love watches. I love mechanical objects. When I was little, I always had one. It was my way of expressing myself. Watches are a symbol of a momentous occasion or achievement that I have experienced in my life. In cycling, it is rare for a team to be recognized for their achievements. It's true that there will always be one person who finishes first, but I believe the entire team should make the podium. Like a striker scoring a goal, he couldn't have done it without the entire team. I'd like to celebrate the accomplishment by buying special watches for everyone.

A young Mark Cavendish

I bought nine Rolex Submariners when I won the green shirt. They had green dials and bezels. On the back of every watch, I wrote "Tour de France 2011," along with my teammates' names so they would always remember what we accomplished together. I bought the team nine Panerai watches in red alligator leather straps when I won the red shirt at the Giro d'Italia. IWC made me nine Portugieser watch with World Championship stripes. Each came in a beautiful case with plaques with the names of my teammates engraved. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches are beautiful items, but they can also express the affection and respect you have for people who are important to you.

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica: (laughing), he is a good guy. Mark sent me a pair Oakleys, which he wore during his stage win in the Tour de France. We began corresponding in this way. For me, it's not important to be able to work with all the champion athletes in the world. It is more important to work with people who have a genuine connection, as the sincerity of our relationship will increase every year.